Sunday, September 19, 2010

Olio & Vino

We visited the newly-opened Olio & Vino in Peoria Heights on a recent Friday night.
We were greeted shortly after our arrival and welcomed to sample the wares, which include hand-pressed olive oils, balsamic vinegars and wines..
Tasting some of the olive oils, I was surprised by the fresh grass-like taste.
We have visited a couple of olive oil/vinegar shops similar to this in the past, but the thing that made a difference with Olio & Vino was the assistance of the staff in mixing samples of oil and vinegar together for a taste explosion. I would never have thought to do such a thing.
After sampling the Tuscan herb olive oil mixed with honey ginger balsamic, we were sold.
All of the oils and vinegars were $16 a bottle, even the 18-year oak aged balsamic. If we had bought three bottles we could have paid $45, a savings of $1 per bottle.
In addition, the shop carries spices and has an innovative wine-tasting station where there were several wines to chose from.
We learned that a few times a year they will run a "bring back your bottles" sale where you will receive a discount for returning some of your empties and picking up some new ones.
We left the shop and headed straight to Dixon's in East Peoria for some fresh seafood to try our new concoction on.
I thought to myself that the oil and vinegar would last us a long time, but I've already found myself using them in so many things. I'm sure we'll be back for more soon.

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