Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bernardi's Pub and Italian Eatery

For Mother's Day we met the moms (and a dad) at the newly dubbed and revamped Bernardi's Pub and Italian Eatery in Dunlap's Lake of the Woods Plaza.
Waiting for some of our party to arrive, we enjoyed their outdoor seating for a bit since the weather was so beautiful.
Once we headed inside, I loved the large vintage prints of Mona's and various family shots throughout the dining room.
The menu featured some of the more traditional Bernardi's family classics such as tortellini, but also salads, beer battered asparagus, Cajun salmon, pulled pork, grilled tuna, a Reuben, and even a mac n cheese melt complete with Italian beef, BBQ sauce and green onion.
However, once I saw the garlic parmesan flatbread on the menu, I was sunk.

Described as fire roasted flatbread brushed in Bernardi oil, parmesan, and fresh parsley served with homemade roasted garlic paste with chopped tomatoes and slightly drizzled with Olio & Vino’s black truffle oil, I was surprised at the simplicity of the flatbread when it arrived, accompanied by a dish of garlic paste. However, this was a dish after my own heart, with true, hearty roasted garlic I could spread all over the soft pita-like bread.
I had the fortune of sampling my husband's little "hush puppies", which were dusted with powdered sugar, and my mom's side of mac and cheese, which was delicious. I have always liked the idea of mac and cheese at a restaurant, but have always been disappointed after trying it. This version topped the charts.
My dad had a nice looking piece of salmon that I believe featured a pesto-based sauce and my mom had some BBQ pork sliders.
I did notice fried chicken being served up in galvanized "buckets" and I remembered my dining companion talking about a customer who was taken aback by the change. Hey, if the food is good, it's all good with me!
We were able to supplement our meal with margaritas, red wine and iced tea, and service was good.
I'll be sure to keep Bernardi's Pub on my list for future family gatherings!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Soul Food Catering is now open in the former Rosie's BBQ & Grill at 2626 N. Sheridan Road in Peoria.

Friday, May 04, 2012


Granny Goodwitch Bakery opened a storefront at 1104 Main Street in East Peoria this winter.