Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Teegarden Veterinary Clinic

We've used Teegarden Veterinary Clinic in Washington for several years for our dog. Originally, we were taking her to Washburn to Dr. McKenna, a great guy who StfRon used with his pets for years. Unfortunately, they had a fire and were out of service for quite a while. We ended up getting our puppy spayed at Teegarden, and have been with them ever since.
Teegarden has been in operation since 1951. The clinic is nice and clean and everyone is friendly.
We also board our dog there. Once we had the bright idea to take her somewhere more country-clubby, where she might have more room, and maybe more fun, and the first time it worked out fine. The next time we picked her up from the other kennel, she was soaking wet on her belly. She didn't smell at all, so we just figured she had gotten washed off or something. The next time we went to put her in her kennel at home, which she never had a problem with, she freaked out, panting and shaking like crazy. This kept on for weeks.
It could have been something very simple that set her off, but we have since returned to boarding her at Teegarden, and everything is hunky-dory in dog land.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Swinger's Grille

My friends and I had our annual Christmas dinner a couple months ago at Swinger's Grille in Normal, located at the All Seasons Entertainment Center on Cross Creek Drive.
The restaurant has a bit of a sports feeling because of all of the TVs and such, but the place is tasteful and we didn't notice it at all.
I had the orange ginger seared tuna, and a couple of my friends had the roasted garlic chicken. I scored when one of them gave me a roasted garlic clove; garlic and I go waaaay back.
For dessert I tried the stuffed strawberries, dipped in white and dark chocolate and stuffed with amaretto cream. They were divine.
The plate presentation here is very nice, and the service was good.
Swinger's serves a Sunday brunch as well.
If you go to their web site, http://www.swingersgrille.com/ and view their menus, you can click on the cherries and see some of the excellent offerings.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Parsec Enterprises

If you need to have a watch or clock repaired, or are looking for a great timepiece, you should look into Parsec Enterprises.
Parsec has been in business for almost 30 years and uses state-of-the-art equipment for testing and repair. They also have a shop/showroom at the end of Harker Dr. (off Pioneer Parkway, turn by Finish Line Ford), with watches and clocks available for purchase. While you are browsing you can even enjoy a cup of coffee.
I'm planning to take my grandmother's cuckoo clock that I inherited in to be worked on, then find a great place to display it. See them online at http://www.parsecent.com.

Moon Dancer, an Eclectic Boutique

Staying in Peoria Heights, we have Moon Dancer, an Eclectic Boutique. You may remember this shop from SW Water St., in the same building with the Rhythm Kitchen, right next door.
They have relocated to Prospect Ave., across the street from Wine Country. Here you can find incense, candles, unique clothing, jewelry and gifts.

Friday, February 09, 2007

KBL Design Center

KBL Design Center got their start right here in Peoria in 1986, and now has locations in Peoria (6710 N. Big Hollow Rd.), Bloomington, Edwards and even one in Missouri.
KBL offers lighting, cabinetry, outdoor furniture, fireplaces, countertops and more. StfRon and I will be heading out there soon to check out their line of grills. They carry some lines of grills made in the USA, and ours took a dump a month ago. Our grill was about four and a half years old and it was the last purchase we made at a Wal-Mart anywhere. The purchase experience was one of the reasons we started rethinking our shopping choices, and we haven't shopped at a Wal-Mart since.
I'm also going to check out the lighting. I've been looking to replace a couple of fixtures in the house, and the selection at Lowe's and Menard's hasn't impressed me yet.
KBL has a gallery of some of their products on their web site, http://www.kbldesign.com/index.htm
KBL, here we come!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Jimmy's Bar

Jimmy's Bar on Farmington Rd. in Peoria is an Irish bar with a great, friendly, neighborhood feel.
I've spent many an evening there, either out in the great beer garden listening to the Bogside Zukes or inside when it's colder, munching on freshly-popped popcorn or sandwiches and watching people quaff Guinness.
Me, I swore off the stuff years ago, but there are plenty of other great beers to chose from.
It's always fun to check out what's been posted in the bathroom on the chalkboard, too.