Monday, February 28, 2011

The Harvest Café

I first found out about The Harvest Café in Delevan via a newspaper ad. What caught my attention was that they are a farm to table restaurant.
The farm to table concept is one of using local meats and produce in restaurants. In theory this can benefit everyone. Not only would the food potentially be fresher, but the local agricultural community would reap benefits from the partnership as well.
The café's website notes "Farm fresh eggs, locally grown produce and fresh Central Illinois ingredients highlight a menu of American classics".
I decided to take my husband for breakfast at the Harvest Café this weekend.
The restored 1890s building, fronted by a large, historic-style storefront windows and graced with hardwood floors and tin ceiling, was beautiful.
On the breakfast menu was an omelette; homemade biscuits served with lamb sausage gravy; French toast made from homemade brioche topped with mascarpone; steak and a farm fresh egg; shrimp and grits; ricotta pancakes; and eggs Benedict made with a farm fresh egg and homemade Canadian bacon. Also on the menu was home made bacon.
I started with a cup of coffee, and found it to be a wonderful bold brew.
My husband ordered the French toast, which was great for me since I was torn between that and a couple of other things, and I ordered the ricotta pancakes. We both ordered bacon with our meals, and for the first time I can ever recall, we were asked if we wanted our bacon crispy. I said yes and StfRon mentioned he didn't want his as crispy.
We both enjoyed our meals and the service, and after sampling the French toast I know I would have been just as happy with that. But I do want to come back and try the eggs Benedict, a menu favorite of mine, and am curious to try the lamb sausage gravy.
The lunch and dinner selections also sound great.
The café is currently only open Wednesday-Sunday, and breakfast is served weekends only.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


A Perfect Pear Boutique in Peoria Heights is celebrating five years of business today. Stop by from 10-7 and enjoy champagne and cupcakes while you shop.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I heard that Carnegies 501 has reopened in the Pere Marquette Hotel in Downtown Peoria.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dane's Bar and Grill on Brandywine in Peoria is closed. I'm not yet sure if the closure is temporary or permanent.

Friday, February 18, 2011


S'more Couture (2700 W. 2nd Street, Alta) is now featuring locally-designed clothing made right here in Peoria. Kudos for that!

Beignets on the Corner is now open at the former Water Street Wines Café and Coffee location at the corner of State and Water streets in Peoria.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Some of you may have heard that Quizno's on Main Street in Peoria has closed. Today I noticed a new sign over the entrance of the former Quizno's that reads: Haddad's Downtown, since 1980 and there appears to be some activity there.

Rolando's Supper Club

Having heard tales of a huge serving of tasty prime rib, we decided to visit Rolando's Supper Club in Hennepin.
The restaurant (which I believe was formerly known as George O's) uses the slogan "Home of the Prime Cut" in their advertising.
Dinner is served Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Tuesdays they serve fried chicken and a special, and on the weekend nights they serve prime rib, other steaks, seafood and several other menu items including pasta and chicken.
We took a seat in the dining room, which was without music on the evening we were in, but a few other tables of people kept it from being uncomfortably quiet.
We both decided to order the prime rib ($26.95), of which there were no size details on the menu.
Our meals came with choice of potato, for which my husband chose the house potatoes for an extra $2, bread and salad bar. The salad bar consisted of iceberg lettuce, a three bean salad, which I enjoyed, cottage cheese, pickle spears and beets.
Before we had finished our salads, our friendly waitress was on her way to the table with two huge slabs of medium rare prime rib, nicely crusted with pepper and other seasonings.
These steaks were practically three inches thick, and covered most of a standard dinner plate.
After making a small dent in our meal, we stopped by the adjoining bar for a cocktail. Customers and staff alike were both friendly there, and we learned that the building that houses Rolando's has been around since about 1939.
On our way to the car, we saw our waitress outside who again greeted us and told us to have a nice evening.
The steaks were good, so if you are looking for a huge meal or leftovers for several days after and friendly service, Rolando's is worth checking out.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Cabin fever?

If you've been cooped up due to the snow and are ready to get out, here are a few things going on in the area during the next couple of days.

Chic Mcgee, heard on the Bob & Tom Show with Rob Haney is performing at Mason City Limits in Mason City Friday and Saturday night.

Willett's Winery in Manito still has a few tickets for their murder mystery to be held Saturday evening.

Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria is having a book sale Saturday and Sunday.

Lori's Kitchen Store in Washington will offer a Dinner for Dimes class on Monday.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I recently learned of two more restaurant closings. Paul Kelley's at 401 in Peoria closed late last year.
Chef John's Wine Bar & Grill in Dunlap was last open New Year's Eve.

Amber and Marty's Fillin' Station Family Diner

Sunday my husband wanted to go out for breakfast, so we took the opportunity to try Amber and Marty's Fillin' Station Family Diner in Sunnyland.
We arrived shortly before lunch and there were a handful of tables available in the automotive-themed restaurant, but within 30 minutes there was only one table left.
The menu features several breakfast combos (breakfast all day), omelets, appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches and dinners.
As soon as I saw combo #5, the Straw boss ($7.75), I knew that's what I would be having. Smoked country ham, two eggs and choice of potato or grits. Of course I chose grits.
My husband had The buzz combo with pancakes and corned beef hash for $4.25.
Despite the restaurant being busy, it didn't take too long for our food to arrive.
The ham was tasty, and the hearty grits had just a few lumps, just the way I like them, and my husband's hash had a nice crust on top.
Our waitress was friendly and efficient. I'm glad the Fillin' Station is open on Sundays as I could see this being a fairly regular stop.

Round up

Last week I met some friends for dinner at Two25 in Peoria after a stop at I Know You Like a Book and Leaves 'n Beans in Peoria Heights.
It was my first time for dinner at Two25, but I have had lunch there several times.
Our service was top notch, my twin filet Madeira medallions almost melted in my mouth and I enjoyed finding Klinker Brick Zinfandel on the wine list. Also not to be forgotten is the pistachio gelato we all enjoyed for dessert.

This weekend we were headed north to do some cemetery searching and stopped by Jane's Icebox in Dunlap for a bite. The menu featured a surprising number of items, but we are looking forward to visiting in summer as they are located right on the Rock Island Trail, have outdoor seating and serve ice cream.