Friday, November 23, 2007

Route 66 Java Stop

I first saw the Route 66 Java Stop some time last year on my way through Dwight heading to a family dinner. Yesterday we passed by again, and I snapped a shot.
I love the idea of this place! Two used freight containers have been stacked and painted with retro graphics to create a drive-through java hut. What a great way to reuse materials in a creative, fun way. It's given us some food for thought.
The Java Stop used to be prominently visible when coming in to Dwight. This time, it was hidden a bit by a used car lot, but it's right at the back of the lot, and as cool as ever.


StfRon said...

Every time I see this place, I think one good wind and the whole thing will tip over!

Anonymous said...

That place looks so cool! says Minney Keep up the good bloggin'!