Friday, May 29, 2009


For a few weeks now, I've noticed a banner in front of the Butcher Block at Junction City in Peoria advertising breakfast starting at 5:30 a.m. So for those early birds looking for something different, check it out!

The square in Washington is now home to Tidbit's Mercantile, a southwestern gift shop.

The Cherry Festival in Washington will run through tomorrow evening. If you're jonesin' for some carnival rides, deep fried veggies or deep fried Oreos, stop on by.


mazr said...

Well, on your reccomendation, took the family to Butcher Block for breakfast this morning and it was excellent. I had a sausage, ham, bacon and cheese omelet, kids had pancakes and apple and creme waffle and my wife had spinach hollandaise eggs. All very delicious. Especially family friendly since you can eat outside. Worth checking out.

Peoria Peepers said...

Oh, that sounds great! I need to go check it out soon.