Thursday, July 23, 2009

Round up

I spent a lunch hour recently in front of the court house near the Zen garden eating some chicken lo mein from the Thanh Linh cart, and noticed that Ponte Vecchio has a cart open downtown now. Next time I plan to order something from them.

I had a fun lunch this week at Ming Shee in Peoria with my friend and her daughter.

Tuesday night we checked out the Taste of Washington on the square. I had a spinach dip from Denhart Baking Co. and we shared a pig wing with honey bourbon sauce from Gracie's Chicago Style Grille. It was pretty crazy with everyone packed in the middle of the square. Hopefully next year they can expand out a bit.

We've been keeping our eyes on the activity at the former Gracie's location in Cherry Tree Shopping Center in Washington, and there is now a sign displayed in the window for Cherry Garden, serving Chinese and Japanese food. We're excited to give it a try!


The Mrs. said...

The Taste of Washington was fantastic! I hope they can expand the number of vendors over the next several years forcing closure of the entire Square for the Taste event.

Peoria Peepers said...

I agree. I remember the Lincoln balloon fest when I went eons ago on their square was set up in the streets.
I really wanted to go check out the waitstaff olympics at Taste of Washington, but with the steady stream of cars going by, it just seemed like a bad idea to leave the fountain area.

Anonymous said...
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