Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Round up

Recently I've visited Ming Shee and The Fieldhouse in Peoria for lunches.

We had dinner at Palanza's Family Dining in Washington, which we haven't visited in years.
StfRon commented on how good the pizza was, and I was raving about the cheese, both on the pizza and in the shaker. This was none of that tasteless dry powder. I was intrigued by the offerings of fried chicken and steaks, but I don't know if I'll be able to skip the pizza to try them out.

Last Sunday we struck out a couple of times in Peoria: first in trying to call Rosie's BBQ & Grill to see if they were open (no answer) and then in trying to visit Naturally Yours to look at organic, free-range and grass fed meat options.

We ended up trying lunch at Leaves 'N Beans in Peoria Heights. I had a veggie wrap filled with tomato, green pepper, spinach and some mouth-watering hummus. This was no "burrito as big as your head" for which I was thankful.
My husband had a panini with turkey and bacon, also topped with spinach served with a small side of chips.
We paired our meal with a cup of praline coffee and an Americano.

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