Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Goodness Café

This is the time of year when I often find myself in a rut.
I am indecisive about what to do for lunch, and most times will just eat something quick, and lame, at my desk.
Today I told myself I was going to venture out and try the Goodness Café on NE Monroe in Peoria.
I found a parking spot right out front of the restaurant, which is attached to Peoria Bread Company.
Once inside I stepped up to the counter and perused the selections posted on the chalk boards. I noticed a menu posted on the counter top which described the sandwiches in more detail.
I selected the Fresh Veggie, which is listed as homemade hummus on whole wheat bread (organic) with lettuce, tomato, onions, sprouts, olives, cucumber and sunflower seeds.
The friendly young lady taking my order told me that there was a wait on hummus, and offered me a cream cheese spread or cheese instead. I opted for the cream cheese, and booked my meal as a combo, adding a cup of a homemade reuben soup.
I ordered a bottle of iced tea, which you pick up from a cooler in the dining room and the total came to $9.35.
I paid and found a seat in the dining room.
While waiting, I admired the soft green painted plank ceiling and fun three-dimensional art in the dining room.
The tables and chairs were a mishmash of style, giving a nice eclectic look to the room, and there were several brightly-colored paintings throughout the room.
Before long a lady delivered my order to my table.
I sampled the soup first and found it brimming with sauerkraut and carrots, flavorful in a rich broth.
My sandwich was piled high with veggie goodness and the sunflower seeds added nice texture to each bite.
Before leaving I figured I should sample the cookies and made a stop back at the cookie counter before heading out.
The menu also features several hot sandwiches, a few cold sandwiches and homemade soups each day. A bowl of soup comes with one free refill.
The Goodness Café was a nice bright spot in the midst of my dreary winter.

February 22, 2010 — The Goodness Café is now offering breakfast.
October, 2010 — The Goodness Café has closed.

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