Sunday, April 18, 2010

Local produce

We hit the long-awaited farm market yesterday morning at the Methodist Atrium. By the time we arrived, all the veggies were gone save for some herb plants, and Organic Pastures had a small amount of meat left. We picked up a pasture-raised beef roast, and look forward to trying it this week.
I'm glad to see there was such a great response and plan to get there earlier next month!

Speaking of garden plants, I didn't buy any at the market as I had already bought mine and planted them a week or two ago. Our local greenhouse, Washington Greenhouse, grows the plants themselves each winter. So far we bought oregano, peppers, rosemary, eggplant, cabbage and are growing carrots and leeks from seed.
We also asked them about red onions, which I thought would be nice to try this year, but they said they don't grow them anymore because they weren't a popular purchase, and most got thrown away.

The Riverfront Market in Peoria will start back up in June, and the Metro Centre market begins in May.

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