Monday, July 05, 2010

Billy's Phillys

Saturday we decided to try Billy's Phillys which opened last fall on Farmington Road in Peoria.
The small building is adorned with a fun vintage star sign. Inside we found a combo of six tables and booths, bright white walls and red, white a blue decor adorning the walls.
We stepped up to the counter to read the menu and place our order.
My husband chose the original (ribeye steak, grilled onions and Cheez Whiz) and I opted for a cheese steak with sliced provolone. Including a bottle of water, our total was just over $17.
We took a seat at one of the booths and soon our foil wrapped sandwiches were delivered in a plastic bag.
We unwrapped them and dug in. The cheese was layered on the bottom of the bun, then onions, then a pile of thinly sliced ribeye, and the sandwiches were piping hot. The meat and onions had made quick work of melting the provolone and the steak, seemingly unseasoned, was good quality. We heard a lady talking to another table of customers mention that they get the buns from Philadelphia, which added a nice touch.
I sampled my husband's Cheez Whiz philly, which he enjoyed, but I preferred the provolone version.
We also found a foil wrapped set of pickle spears in the bag, which I noshed on after the sandwiches were gone.
The man who took our order, mostly likely also cooked it and brought it out to us asked us a few times how everything was and if we needed anything else.
As we headed out the door, a group of six filed in, ready to enjoy a quality meal from Billy's Phillys.

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