Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cummins Drive Thru

Monday I had a lunch quandary. I wanted to run an errand near Grand Prairie in Peoria, but also wanted to grab a quick bite to eat. I knew that McDonald's, Arby's and Hardee's would be quick options, but hadn't really made up my mind yet.
On my way to Home Depot I saw an unexpected answer to my dilemma: Cummins Drive Thru!
After my fruitless Home Depot stop, I pulled into the former Jo's Java site at War Memorial and Route 91 and checked out the drive thru menu.
The menu featured coffee, ice cream, salads, sandwiches, hot dogs (including made from scratch corn dogs) and more, and will feature soup and chili during the colder months.
One thing I noticed on the menu that I haven't been able to get out of my mind is homemade corn fritters, 3  for just $1.95. Knowing that there are fritters available by drive thru is probably not beneficial to my health.
They did have daily special offerings, but I decided to go for the made fresh daily chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread ($5.50) and an iced tea.
Soon I had my order and was back on my way to work. I dove in to the chicken salad en route and found it to be creamy, complete with diced hard boiled eggs and real white meat chicken, all encased in soft wheat bread. Yum! It was a homestyle sandwich like my mom would have made me after a hard day in first grade.
I'm glad to know there is a great quick local lunch option available near Grand Prairie and Willow Knolls.

October, 2010 — Cummins Drive Thru is now Meat-n-Place.


Anonymous said...

Really, eating salad while driving? Don't ever complain about someone texting while driving.

Peoria Peepers said...

Salad SANDWICH. Much more portable! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I work near what used to be Cummins. I'm really suprised they closed as my staff surely was keeping them open! We ordered from there at least 2-3 times a week and ALWAYS ordered the corn fritters which were absolutely amazing! We need to know if Cummins has moved or where we can get those delicious fritters of goodness!!