Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hick'ry Stick Catering, Carry Out & Café

We visited Hick'ry Stick Catering, Carry Out & Café for lunch about a month after they opened their new place on East McClure in Peoria.
We made our selections at the front counter, paid and took a seat at one of three tables in the cozy dining area.
My husband and I both chose pulled pork sandwiches, his the deluxe which comes topped with cole slaw. For my sides I ordered slaw and baked macaroni and cheese and StfRon ordered baked beans and fries.
I also ordered a home made bread pudding with vanilla rum sauce.
My husband's sister and brother-in-law were along, and she selected the porky fries (skin on fries topped with pulled pork, bbq sauce and cheese sauce) while her husband went with the pulled pork as well.
I made note of one of their drink offerings, a pineapple lemonade, which sounded interesting, but I passed this time in favor of the bread pudding being my sugar intake for the meal.
Our food was brought out shortly by the friendly gal who had taken our order. She also checked back with us later to see how everything was, and we had nothing but good things to say.
The pork was succulent, juicy and smoky, topped with a tangy sauce. The bread the sandwiches were served on was a soft homemade white bread.
The baked mac and cheese had a good cheese twang to it and the slaw was a creamy variety.
The executive chef Ryan came by our table to see how everything was and we learned that they were using a small Southern Pride smoker on site and their big daddy trailer smoker was at Oktoberfest for the weekend.
The restaurant kept up a steady stream of customers almost the whole time we were there.
Our meal with two sandwiches, two sides each and one dessert came to about $21 with tax.
The menu at Hick'ry Stick also includes panini and other sandwiches including an avocado vegetarian offering and several homemade desserts.
I didn't try the porky fries at the restaurant, however I did get a sampling of them at the Oktoberfest later, and now I see why my sister-in-law had to go for round two. Yum!


walk of shame said...

I had lunch there a few weeks ago and it was delicious! It is an adorable place and everyone was so friendly. I will definitely go back.

Anonymous said...

Do they have a menu online to view?

Peoria Peepers said...

There are some menus including for catering on their web site (http://www.hickrystick.com/) but I think they are different than what was being served the day we were there.

Anonymous said...

That site doesn't have anything coming up for me. Can you see if you have the same problem with it?

Peoria Peepers said...

It does work for me, on the Mac OS using Safari. The page took several seconds to load. The menus didn't show up the first time I looked, but the second time I was able to get them.
I think it is using Flash or something, so there is not a direct link to the menus that I can post.
You might try it with another web browser to see if that helps.

Ramble On said...

The pineapple lemonade is really good!

Anonymous said...

Anyone wanting a copy of any of our menus just email us at info@hickrystick.com. We are sorry about the website we are in the process of having a new one made that is more user friendly....Thank you everyone!!!