Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The Pekin Daily Times reported that Jimbo's Jumbo is set to reopen in Pekin.

You may have heard about FedEx giving away 30,000 $25 gift cards to support Small Business Saturday, which falls on November 26. I managed to score one of the cards and will use it to supplement my support of local shops and restaurants this weekend.
Remember to support your favorite mom and pop restaurants by either dining there or spreading the cheer with gift cards for those on your "nice" list.

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Billy Dennis said...

I am unimpressed with the re-opening of Jimbo's Jumbo. I loved the place when it was in Peoria, located at the corner of Richmond and N. Knoxville. When the moved to Pekin, the flavor of the sandwiched changed -- for the worse. I expect the same nonsense from the new store.