Monday, September 03, 2012

Lop Ears Poochy Playground

A few weeks ago we dropped off our dog at Lop Ears Poochy Playground, 10000 North Galena Road in Peoria, for an afternoon of play.
We weren't quite sure what to expect. We walked in to the concrete-floored Morton style building and saw a large open room, but no people or dogs.
After about a minute, a happy dog came running out of a room to the right and I joked that this must be our greeter. The dog ran over to us and soaked up all the attention we gave.
Soon another dog ran out of the room to the right, and before we knew it, a whole stream of dogs poured out of the room to check out who was there, followed by a gentleman who was holding down the fort for the day.
He took plenty of time to ask questions, walk our dog around the site and learn about how she would react to the group.
We soon left to get on with our day and a few hours later I received a text message, apparently from our dog, letting us know that even though she is shy she was having fun.
Lop Ears offers boarding, stay and play and dog daycare.
When we arrived a few hours later, there were a few more people there and we met the wife of the husband/wife team.
I can honestly say I don't think I've ever met people who love dogs more. They were so friendly and very caring about the dogs, and welcomed us to bring our dog back any time.
I certainly will!

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