Monday, June 16, 2008

Grady's Family Fun Park

After dinner Friday night, StfRon had a surprise for me. A trip to Grady's Family Fun Park, 1501 Morrissey Drive in Bloomington.
Grady's is filled with batting cages, go karts, bumper boats and cars, mini golf, a video arcade, and carnival rides.
They also have fair food such as funnel cakes and deep fried candy bars. Unfortunately, we arrived kind of late, and while we were riding some rides the concession stand closed for the night.
I was a little skeptical about going, but once StfRon and I got on the bumper car floor and were the only ones out there, I ended up laughing my ass off at chasing him around, shooting his car and smacking into him. The kind of crazy laugh where you feel your lips are stuck to your teeth in a fiendish grin. I just couldn't help myself.
The other ride we tried was the go carts, and it was pretty fun zipping around the track with the wheel cranked all the way to the side to try and make the turns. It was only once we got home that I noticed all the tiny bits of dirt stuck to my face from the track.
It was great to cut loose a bit at Grady's.

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Hotz' said...

LOL Oh my! We went by Grady's on Saturday night...and the hubby got real excited..I guess I had never paid attention to it before. After my "condition" is in the past...I want to return and kick his butt in some bumper cars....*laughs*