Monday, June 02, 2008

Catching up

Late last week I had lunch at the push carts in downtown Peoria. It was such a beautiful day.
While eating, I commented that it would be nice to finish off my lunch with something sweet.
StfRon and I walked by the City News Café on Main Street and noticed the black and white cookie listed on their sidewalk sign. We popped in to get one, and headed down to the riverfront to sit and share the large cookie.
Oh, my, this cookie was wonderful! The black half of the icing was truly black, enough so that I had a brief fear of having purple teeth when I went back to work, but the icing and cookie were buttery, soft and sweet, so I couldn't stop eating it.

Friday night after the storms stopped, we headed over to the Washington Cherry Festival in Washington and slogged through the muddy grass to check out the food offerings. Unfortunately, many of the vendors had closed up shop for the night, I'm sure due to weather.
We did track down the cherry brisket tacos and each ordered one. The large soft shell tacos were a deal at $4. I went with the spicy sauce, which I didn't think was spicy at all. StfRon had the sweet sauce, and upon trying a bite of that, I wish I had gone with it instead.
We finished off our meal with a new delicacy to us, deep fried Oreos. The cookies were dipped in pancake batter and fried, then dusted with powdered sugar. The frying seemed to make the cookies less sweet, so the powdered sugar was a nice touch.
After finding out the fireworks were rescheduled for Saturday night, we headed home.

Sunday we were lucky enough to go boating on the Illinois River, and docked at Captain Ron's in Creve Coeur to have a bite for dinner. After waiting a while for a waitress to come by, StfRon went inside to order us all some iced teas, only to find that there was a 45 minute to an hour wait for food, so back to the boat we went.
Docking back at the Peoria riverfront, we saw so many people out enjoying the great weather. I was also glad to see the World on Wheels bike buggies out and about, plus the addition of Segway scooters. I personally would stick with the bikes. I need a little exercise after sitting on my butt in a boat!

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