Monday, October 27, 2008

Punchy about lunch

Lately I've been looking for ways to save on lunches. I love going out to lunch, but it's nice to be able to save a buck or two.
This morning I went and had a free cholesterol screening at the Methodist Wellmobile, at the request of my doctor. After my consult, the nurse gave me a bag of goodies that I opened a few minutes ago.
Inside I found a lunch punch card from Carnegie's 501, 501 Main Street in Peoria. The card is a five for one lunch club: purchase five lunches and the sixth lunch is free. I'll have to check that one out. I like eating downtown, and I know Carnegie's had a nice salad bar the last time I was there for dinner.
Vallarta's, 3510 N. University Street in Peoria, has a punch card. Buy 10 lunches and your 11th is free.
The City News Café, 311 Main Street in Peoria, also has a punch card, and I'm sure there are other places I've yet to discover.
If anyone knows of locally-owned restaurants who offer lunch punch cards or special lunch deals, please comment and let me know!


Lori said...

Roly Poly has a punch card as well, good for a free regular size wrap after the purchase of 10 small or regular wraps.

Kade's Coffee has a really great punch card for a free medium coffee after the purchase of only 5! So once a week a cup is free. Not to mention they have coffee for a penny on Fridays.

Jeep2000 said...

Thanks for reminding me about the penny coffee Fridays at Kade's, and I didn't know about their punch card.