Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lori's Kitchen Store

One of the newest additions to the square in Washington is Lori's Kitchen Store.
We've been by the store at 110 N. Main Street a few times since they opened last fall.
I noticed they carry the Le Creuset line of pots and pans. My mom has had a few of these pieces for probably 20 years or more, and she's made many a great meal with them. She's also loaned us her French oven a time or two.
Lori's also carries a fun line of hand made chocolates.
Classes and cooking contests are held in the store. You can view information about these at their web site.
Of course they also have lots of gourmet mixes, small appliances, kitchen gadgets, and even carry a line of stoneware made in the USA.


Hotz' said...

We are SO lucky to have so MANY stoneware companies left in the US. I have several Macomb pieces can't beat the inexpensiveness of stoneware!

Jennifer said...

Next time I visit my family in Washington I'll have to run in there. I love kitchen-y stores and there are so few in the area.
Oh, and if you like Le Creuset enameled cast iron they are selling very similar pans right now at Aldi's, including a 5 qt one, for around $24.99 and a grill pan. (I've read reviews online and they have been very favoriable)

Peoria Peepers said...

Love me some stoneware!

That's funny, now that you mention those Aldi's pans, I remember looking at them in the flyer on Sunday.

Andry said...
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