Friday, January 30, 2009

Round up

This week I drove through Peoria Heights and saw that June restaurant is now open for dinner.

We heard that Alpine Village of Minier is going to be the Chateau on the Lake in Pekin, and I believe the Minier location is closed or closing.

Early this week I had lunch at the City News Café in Peoria, a nice smoked turkey sandwich on wheat with provolone, and checked out the day's Sun Times while I ate.

A group of seven of us enjoyed lunch at Two25 in Peoria this week as well. I noticed that the French onion soup had significantly less saltiness to it this time. Still good, but I would probably prefer something in between the two I've had there now. But then again, I am not watching my sodium intake!
I did try a new salad dressing from the salad bar, too. I'm not sure what it was called, but it had plenty of garlic in it, and it was tops with me.

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