Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Muddy Paws Pet Wash

We first noticed the Muddy Paws Pet Wash when it moved into a bay at JH Car Wash, 106 Muller Road in Washington last year, and commented on what a great idea it was.
In January, we picked up a dog who was coming to stay with us for a while and found her to be a bit, er, ripe, shall we say.
On our way home we figured it would be a perfect time to try out the do-it-yourself pet wash.
We stepped in to the enclosed room complete with stainless steel tub and a ramp to help escort man's best friend into said tub.
There was also a place to secure your pooch in place while you wash.
The controls were very much like car wash controls; feed in some bills and select your options: soap, rinse, conditioner and a hair dryer. We tried it out on our soon-to-be houseguest, and it cracked me up because the dryer was so forceful it blew this little mini pinscher's skin back in folds.
I think it was $5 for eight minutes of wash/dry time, which was just right for us.
The best part about the Muddy Paws Pet Wash is the fact that you don't have to clean the pet hair out of your household bathtub when fished. They have a cycle for sanitizing the tub, and you and your clean canine are on your way.

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Michael said...

If you like the Muddy Paws, but are a Peoria resident, check out the dog wash at Wash-O-Rama car wash on the corner of Farmington and Sterling.

Not only is Steve Leahy the owner of this reasonably-priced and often overlooked car wash, but he digs in and gets wet every day of the week. Ask him about his racing bikes or his boat and you will make a friend for life.