Monday, March 23, 2009

Round up

A couple of weekends ago I headed out early to attend a funeral out of state. I thought some coffee to go would start the trip out right, so I stopped by Lester's Tasty Donuts on Glen in Peoria and was surprised to see a couple of gentlemen perusing the Saturday paper at the counter prior to 6 a.m.
I placed my order for a glazed donut and a coffee to go. Beware: A glazed donut sounds a lot like eight glazed donuts, which I soon found out when a large box was placed in front of me, along with my coffee. In my early morning stupor, I just thought they had a shortage of small packaging, until I heard the total. No problem, though, as the donuts came home with me later that evening.
They kept up a pretty steady stream of customers while I was there, which surprised me at that hour, but was nice to see.

StfRon and I met for lunch at Thanh Linh in Peoria one afternoon and enjoyed the buffet.

This weekend we took advantage of the Sunnyland Ice Cream Shack in Washington being open early in the season, and I had a hot dog with mustard and relish accompanied by a butterscotch sundae with krunch. The hot dog tasted great, and the small sundae was a bit too large for me, but very good. Business was pretty steady.
Then we headed over to Sunnyland Cinemas and watched The Knowing, which was interesting.

Sunday we rode our bikes to Denhart Baking Company in Washington for some breakfast. We got one of the last two tables, and by the time we left, people were waiting for tables. I'm not sure if some of the crowd was due to Golden Corral being closed, or just general good business. They were also seating people in the B & B dining room.
I was glad to see so many out and about.

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