Monday, August 10, 2009

Hodel's Chanticleer

Recently on a Friday night we were bored and looking for something different to do, and the Chanticleer, or Chantilly, as StfRon's uncle would say, popped into my mind.
We made the short drive to Eureka and pulled up in front of the low, nondescript building at 744 N. Main Street.
We decided to sit on the bar side of the building, and were the only people sitting at a table instead of at the bar.
Our server was also doing bar duty, and was very cheerful and helpful, as was the manager or perhaps the owner who greeted us as soon as we stepped inside.
We placed our order for white meat fried chicken and potato salad for me, and prime rib for my husband, along with a salad. She explained that their bleu cheese dressing is homemade, with a Thousand Island type base, and said it is a favorite among customers. He decided to try it, and by the end of the salad, I was scraping the bottom of the container for every last drop for the crackers from our table cracker basket. It was not very bleu tasting, as I don't really care for bleu cheese, but it was very good.
As the menu stated, the fried chicken did take a bit of time to prepare, and we passed the time enjoying a pitcher of beer until it arrived.
I also noticed as an older gent stopped by to compliment the staff on the catfish he had enjoyed on his way out.
My chicken was not overly salty or seasoned, but had a nice, greasy, crisp crust covering the juicy bird.
StfRon said the prime rib was not as rare as he wanted and was not as slow roasted as some, but it was good, and the horseradish sauce the waitress mixed up for him carried a real kick.
The meal was very reasonably priced, service was good, and with the atmosphere and cracker basket, Hodel's Chanticleer brought back memories of places we went for family outings when we were kids.

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