Monday, September 21, 2009

Main Street Mercantile

Ever since I saw ads for the Main Street Mercantile in Congerville, I've wanted to stop by for a visit.
Earlier this month we parked alongside 112 Main Street, walked past a couple of rockers on the porch and went inside.
The store was filled with some primitive and country gift and decor items, a selection of toys along the back, and in the next corner was an intriguing array of bulk food items. We looked through baking products, spices, snack mixes, candies, soup and dip mixes and more, selecting a horseradish bacon dip mix and a cream of asparagus soup mix.
Just past the row of food items, a group of people was enjoying a meal at a cozy table in the center of a small dining area.
We made our way to the counter to pay and passed a case of homemade fudge.
While I was paying I noticed a sign for Eduardo's pizza, which can be eaten on site or taken home to bake. I remember a friend of ours said she knows someone who raves about the pizza.
Last night we mixed our horseradish bacon dip mix with some sour cream and sampled our find. The horseradish had a nice bite, and the smoky bacon bits plumped up nicely after sitting for the recommended 30 minutes. I know we'll be heading back to Main Street Mercantile to get some more of that!

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