Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oscar's Family Restaurant

Last week we were looking for someplace inexpensive to have lunch.
My husband mentioned a family restaurant on Farmington Road, and I was game to check it out.
Oscar's Family Restaurant is located at 3118 W. Farmington Road in Peoria.
The dining room is a bit rough around the edges and decorated with pictures of John Wayne and likenesses of what I assume is Oscar the hound dog, based on the dog on the sign on top of the building. There were poker machines lining the front wall.
Our friendly waitress told us to have a seat anywhere.
I noticed the specials board listed a pork fritter with mashed potatoes and gravy plus green beans, which I think was $6. Sounded great to me, so I ordered that, while StfRon ordered a cheeseburger and fries.
My meal arrived piping hot, complete with a dinner roll. The pork fritter, reminding me of a Schnitzel, was topped with a brown gravy that had a bit of hickory smoke flavor to it. It was a great comfort food meal, and despite liking his cheeseburger, my husband sampled my meal several times and said he should have ordered the same thing.
Oscar's does not accept credit cards, but will take checks.
I love a good special that includes veggies, and it seems to be getting harder to come by. Oscar's delivered.


Karly said...

So if you looking for some good tenderloins go to Scoreboard Bar and Grill in Metamora. It is right across the street from the square. You will see it if you're going towards the square on your right. Delicious homemade tenderloin made specially for the customers by the owner!

I work there right now with my family and the owners are good family friends. It's a very nice atmosphere and I think you'd love it!

CalamityJr said...

We went to Oscar's one evening based on the closing time on the ourdoor sign, only to find out they now close an hour ealier and there really wasn't much they'd allow us to order. It tasted fine, but wasn't what we were hungry for. Oh, well!