Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bullpen Sports Bar & Grill

After the closure of the off track betting parlor at Landmark in Peoria, the Bullpen Sports Bar & Grill took over the space.
I met my husband for lunch there a couple of weeks ago, and found a few of the tall tables in the dining area were already occupied.
Looking over the menu our waitress promptly delivered, I noticed they had a hand battered Buffalo chicken sandwich ($6.25), so I decided to try that.
Besides chicken the sandwich selections also include a hand cut tenderloin, a fish sandwich, a turkey wrap, a hot dog and a sub, an Italian beef, a prime rib and Philly beef steak. They serve wings, some nice sounding salads including a Caribbean version, pizza and 1/3 pound burgers. All sandwiches come with home made chips.
After ordering, I took notice of all the 50" flat screen TVs lining the room near the ceiling. All the better for those sports fans.
Video games were scattered throughout the sports bar.
There was also a second room with more intimately arranged tables and smaller TV screens that may become an Internet café in the future.
Our food arrived in good time. My chicken breast was juicy, and rather than being doused in the standard tabasco sauce, this bird was packing some heat! The sauce had quite a kick to it, and I noticed some pepper flakes on it as well. The sandwich left a satisfying burn on my tongue long after it was gone.
The home made chips were an nice accompaniment to my meal.
The Bullpen serves lunch seven days a week, is open until 2 a.m. Thursday-Saturday and features food specials several days a week.

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D Kindhart said...

That chicken sandwich is HOT!
I liked the spot the first time we were there... but the second, the jute box kept cutting out the sports on the tv... It is Supposed to be a sports bar... it was before 8 pm. I felt like the music was a touch to loud... other than that, the food is good. The home-made chips are very good.