Friday, May 28, 2010

Peoria Theater

The movie we chose to see on our first visit may not have lived up to my expectations, but the Peoria Theater was a nice change from the same old.
The theater, which uses a couple of the screens in Peoria's Landmark cinema building, shows some different and independent films compared to what the megaplex theaters showcase.
You have the option of enjoying beer, wine or even Jager bombs during your movie, and if you're lucky you might score a seat on one of the plush couches located behind the traditional theater seating.
Peoria Theater also hosts events in conjunction with some of their showings, and will host private parties.
Sitting waiting for our feature to start, I couldn't help but think what a neat thing the Peoria Theater is and was a bit sorry that I hadn't thought of it first and had the entrepreneurial spirit to see it through.


Karly said...

I love that theatre! Although most people don't like the kind of movies that they play, but they are the kind of movies that I live for! So I'm very happy to have it around. Of course, I'm stuck working at a movie theatre all the time and the only day I get off is the day that the Peoria Theatre is closed :( I'll make it in there soon enough hopefully!

mazr said...

Great movies and theater.

Also, we went to the Harvest Cafe in Delavan today. Wow. Well worth the trip. I'll go by how good our 4 meals (eggs benedict, french toast, pancakes and mushroom omelet) were and say that everything on the menu will be good.

Check it out.