Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beignet's On The Corner

Last week I had lunch at Beignet's On The Corner, which replaced Water Street Wines at the corner of State and Water streets in Peoria.
I love what they've done with the decor. The changes aren't big, but they do have a nice impact.
I couldn't decide between the Creole onion soup or the shrimp bisque to go with my salad. I went with the shrimp bisque, deciding that I could order the onion soup another time. However, the bisque was so good I don't know if I will ever be able to bring myself to order anything else.
The salad I chose was the Ensalada de Berros which was an interesting mix of artichoke hearts, grapefruit, and almonds topped with avocado and a vinaigrette.
Other items on the lunch menu include po' boys, burgers, chicken, brisket, sausage and more, most with a Creole flair.
My server was prompt, polite and efficient and I was able to get in and out in a reasonable amount of time for a work-day lunch. Another thing I appreciated was when asked how many checks and I said one is fine, the server brought the check to me (a female) and not my male companion.
Can't wait until the patio seating is open for the season!


D Kindhart said...

We have been there too. We were there for dinner.
We love the new place.
I loved how fresh the food tasted and that their menu is full of things that you can't get just anywhere in Peoria.
I hope this place does great!

mazr said...

I wasn't real impressed with my meal and either was my wife. I really miss the old place.

mazr said...

I do have to say that I would go back for the shrimp bisque. That was excellent.