Thursday, April 07, 2011


The Hick'ry Stick has a truck set up at Peoria Palace skating rink for the season.

Most local ice cream shacks are now open for the season including M & M Twistee Treat in East Peoria.

I've been hearing things about Salt restaurant which will open soon on Prospect in Peoria Heights. They will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and the restaurant name stems from the specialty salts they will use.


Dining Companion said...

OooOOOOoooo! Does that mean I can get my porky fries closer to home????

Dining Companion

Anonymous said...

The Hick'ry Stick mobile kitchen has moved to Action Auto Parts on the corner of Rte 6 & 29 and is open M-F from 11-1:30 and yes they do have porky fries!