Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mama Rae's

An ad in a local flyer for Mama Rae's in Morton caught my eye due to the retro diner feel of the graphics. We set out on a recent Sunday to give it a try.
We found the restaurant attached to a gas station near I-74. The location used to house the Morton Family Restaurant.
The walls were painted a warm red and there were a few vintage looking signs and some movie memorabilia on display.
We were seated in a booth and it took a little bit before our waitress had a chance to stop by and take our order.
I ordered the Irish skillet, one of the breakfast specials which was a layer of American fries, corned beef, and mozzarella topped with two eggs and toast on the side for $6.99. My husband ordered Rae's spicy cajun, a grilled chicken breast sandwich topped with cajun spices, grilled mushrooms and onions, which came with soup for $6.99. The waitress recommended their tomato soup, which was hearty and filled with ravioli pillows.
My skillet was stick to the ribs good, topped with my choice of scrambled eggs. I honesty could have done without the American fries at the bottom of the skillet and would have been just as happy with the price, but I'm sure many others appreciate the portion size.
An older gentleman nearby was dining alone and all of the employees seemed to know him and stopped by to greet him by name and check to make sure he had everything he needed.
We had plenty of drink refills and everyone was friendly at Mama Rae's. There are currently some coupons available on their web site, so it's worth a check if you're planning to visit soon. Dinner is currently served Thursday-Saturday only.

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