Friday, January 06, 2012

Champs West

I just found out what I'd been missing when we visited Champs West in Peoria for the first time just before the holidays.
The stools were well worn but comfy and the bar had a similar decor to Donnelly's in Peoria, with a few tall tables and stools for seating.
We took a seat at the bar and proceeded to check out the lunch menu, which featured several $6 options.
I ordered a tuna melt, but soon was informed by the nice lady working behind the bar that they didn't have any, so I switched to ham and swiss on sourdough. The lunch includes two sides, so I chose a cup of chicken soup and the macaroni salad.
My husband ordered potato salad and potato chips as his sides. The chips were the ridged sort, and all the rest of the sides seemed homemade, or at least not your standard fare. The potato salad was mustard style and the chicken soup was piping hot and very tasty.
As for my sandwich, I appreciated that the sourdough bread was not two huge slabs, but a more manageable sort, and the ham was not your average thin deli ham.
We were well taken care of with our iced tea refills and were even given a pitcher to keep close at hand in case we needed a quick top off. She even went and got us more ice during our short meal, and to top it off, offered us cookies from a tin before we paid our bill.
While we were eating several locals wandered in with gifts or holiday wishes for the staff.
Champs is now on my list for affordable lunch fare.


Anonymous said...

Where is Champs West?

Peoria Peepers said...

515 North Western Avenue in Peoria.