Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I heard that Copper River Coffee & Tea in Peoria closed December 31.

I also heard that a florist is planning to open on Peoria Street in Washington next to Castaways Consignment.

June Bug's Diner is open in the former El Somberito/Three Fat Guys Pizza location on Meadow Avenue in East Peoria.


Anonymous said...

Super bummed about Copper River. I've been going there since it was Kade's and I preferred it over the new hipster fotm place downtown.

Anonymous said...

June Bugs diner won't last long. Does anyone remember when it was a Jimanos pizza. It offered authentic Chicago pizza. It was in business for only a year. Route 150 is a horrible location for any restaurant.

The only businesses that survive in East Peoria along Route 150 have been the sleazy bars, where the good 'ole boys use the bar as a second living room. No restaurant has ever thrived along Route 150 (Meadows Ave.). That area of East Peoria is a poor white ghetto.