Thursday, February 09, 2012

Lunch for $10 or less

Tired of brown bagging it but don't want to break the bank? Here are some options for lunch under $10 in the Peoria area:

Yen Ching 6936 North University Street, Peoria
Los Jimadores 7723 North University Street, Peoria
Alwan & Sons Meat Company 703 E War Memorial Dr., Peoria Heights
Cracked Pepper 311 Main Street and 3406 NE Adams, Peoria
Rizzi's 112 State Street and 4613 North Sheridan Road, Peoria
Cummins Family Restaurant 1869 Washington Road, Washington
Spotted Cow 718 W. Glen, Peoria
Smo-King Pit Northwoods Mall, Peoria
Joe's Peoria 1301 W Pioneer Pkwy., Peoria


Chef Kevin said...

Mmmmmm....need to get some Smo-King Pit!!

AnneC said...

Add Asia Grill in Junction City. The Mon-Sat. lunch special is just $5.49 and includes rice (choose the pork fried---it's outstanding!), crab rangoon or eggroll, and your choice from 40 entrees. LOVE the Spicy Korean Pork (or chicken)!