Saturday, June 23, 2012


There has been activity at the former Jill's restaurant site at 7327 N. Galena Road in Peoria. A sign on the property reads Sazanis Steak & Pasta opening soon.


Anonymous said...

A thrown together pepsi sign in front of a multithousand square ft bldg (with multi thousand $ utilities) doesn't bode well.

I would love for this place (what appears to be a locally owned business) make it, but with the poor location, and pure size of this bldg, it will be a tough go.

Thanks for the update though, I dont get this way often and would have never known.

Feel free to remove this post if you feel it is too negative!

Anonymous said...

Instead you needed to say I wish the new owners Good Luck and I have new place to try some good food.:)