Sunday, March 19, 2006

Klusendorf's Sky Harbor Steakhouse

Klusendorf's Sky Harbor Steakhouse, 1321 N. Park Rd. in West Peoria, is a great place to have a nice evening out with their retro, dimly-lit atmosphere and awesome steaks.
We have only really discovered this gem in the last year or so.
A couple of weeks ago we headed to Sky Harbor for dinner because we knew Jimmy Binkley was going to be playing piano, and we had a great meal.
It was Saturday, so we ended up waiting maybe an hour for a table, but we managed to squeeze in at the bar for our wait. They had a good wine and beer selection to keep us occupied.
I ordered the petite filet cooked medium rare, and despite it's thickness, it was cooked to perfection and almost melted in my mouth. My green beans, however, were cooked to disintegration, but after a great steak like that, I barely noticed.
All in all, it was a great evening. Scope it out at

2/15/08- Sky Harbor has patio dining as well.

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