Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lindy's Downtown Market

Lindy's Downtown Market, 110 Peoria St., Washington, is the quintessential hometown grocery store with a whole lot more. They carry great cheeses and meats, such as the Boar's Head line (, an awesome wine selection and many specialty items like Harry & David snacks, gourmet cookies, milk in glass bottles, locally-made pastas, unique sauces and dressings, the list goes on and on. Every time we go in I see something new and delicious to try.
I stopped in yesterday, and they had this great selection of organic yogurts in glass bottles, which are labeled as being European style. I can't wait to try it!
Update: Lindy's has debuted their website,

June, 2007 - Lindy's now offers canvas bags to carry your groceries in. Saves on all that plastic and paper in landfills, plus you get 10 cents off your grocery purchase each time you bring your bag back. Now, if we could just remember to bring the bag every time...

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Anonymous said...

Great cheese selection too!!