Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Our favorite Washington-area haunt is Bernardi's, 2137 Washington Rd., Washington, of Mona's and Capponi's fame. They have a cozy bar, in which we often eat at one of the booths, as we prefer them to the larger dining rooms, which are also very nice.

They have a new pasta special every month, which is always fun to look forward to, along with other daily and weekly specials. The everyday favorites are the Mona's tortellini with meat sauce and the fried chicken. They also have a nice wine list and some import beers. The staff is always friendly and on the ball.
You will never leave there hungry!

May 16, 2006 - The pasta o'the month for May is my favorite so far, and it's a bellybuster! It's baked mostaccioli pasta paired with sausage, green peppers, big mushrooms, onions and your choice of a garlic tomato sauce or their famous meat sauce, all smothered with melted cheese. It's fab-u-lous!!

May, 2007 - Bernardi's is no longer doing a pasta of the month, but has added some new favorites to the menu. Also very good is the new bleu cheese, tomato-topped garlic bread. And they have a web site,

August, 2008 - Bernardi's North has opened in Dunlap. This location offers lunch as well as dinner.

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And they allow ceeeeegars too!