Saturday, June 10, 2006

Red Zin

When you're looking for a nicer dining establishment, don't overlook Red Zin, 456 Fulton St. in Peoria. Replacing The Grill on Fulton a couple years ago, right near the Civic Center and all the happening downtown bars, Red Zin is top notch.
They have many creative appetizer choices, unique salads to accompany your meal, excellent seafood, pork and beef entrees, and a tempting dessert selection. We recently tried the fallen chocolate cake. StfRon proclaimed it unextraorinary, but I thought it was fabulous. Almost like eating brownie mix!
Add to the mix some great wine options (try the Ravenswood if you like Red Zinfandel) and live piano music, and you're starting, or ending your evening on a high note by visiting Red Zin. And don't forget, they serve lunch, too.

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