Sunday, June 25, 2006

Vertucci's Chicago Style Eats

Vertucci's Chicago Style Eats is doing a bang-up business for lunch. I haven't been in for dinner yet, but I'll bet it's more of the same.

Located at 1104 N. Main St. in East Peoria, near the Shell station, Vertucci's has a good variety of Italian sandwiches, pizzas made from scratch, calzones, stromboli, Chicago-style dogs, polish sausages and salads. I've had the Italian beef sandwich and it is very good, served on Gonnella bread with your choice of sweet peppers, hot peppers, grilled onions and you can add provolone cheese for only 65¢ more. The beef has a great flavor and the onions are incredibly sweet.

Vertucci's will even deliver your order for $3-$5, depending on distance.

And if you're really feeling hungry, or wild and crazy, try the hot dog challenge. If you can pack away 12 hot dogs in 24 minutes, you get the dirty dozen for free.

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