Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pita's Mediterranean Wraps

If you've never tried fresh baked pita bread, you'd better head on over to Pita's Mediterranean Wraps right now.
Pita's, located in the Northpoint Shopping Center on Knoxville Avenue in Peoria, serves Mediterranean delights like hummus, falafel, Greek salads, kabobs, gyros and more.
Pita's also offers daily specials on weekdays.
I love the warm, soft, pita bread, especially with some hummus. And if I finish my meal off with some baklava, all is good.

January, 2009 — I visited Pita's to pick up some hummus for a party. I like the updated decor, and the hummus and pitas were a huge hit!


Jennifer said...

MMMM..... all week long I've been craving Chinese and now I'm craving Chinese and Lebanese....
Love the pita bread.

Kevin Lowe said...

I'd love to try their falafel. Sounds tasty.

Floyd said...

Good stuff there at Pita's. Looking forward to going there when we move back!

We went there for lunch back soon after they opened. I had kebab and some pita and hummus. It was yummus!