Friday, December 21, 2007

Round up

We've got some potentially good news on the horizon here at home, so that's a positive.

On the business front, this week sent us to many of our regular haunts: the C Note in Washington, and Sullivan's and the Hofbrau in Peoria, most for holiday cheer, one for dinner. We also went to a chain, IHOP, for convenience sake on a time crunch, and it was disappointing. Just reinforces my idea of staying local.
I made it to the River Beach Pub for a visit, which was fun, and we had a nice lunch again at Basil's in Washington. They hope to have their liquor license soon, but you can bring wine and beer in during the interim.

I've heard rumors of local businesses closing, and of some new ones on the horizon. I'm keeping an eye on the local front, and will post what I find out.

The holidays have taken an expected turn, but we still hope to head south right after Christmas, maybe Memphis and beyond, for good food and great music.
As always, I'll blog anything locally owned.
Wishing everyone a great Christmas, holiday and new year!


Fraochán said...

When is IHOP NOT a dissapointment? lol!

Jeep2000 said...

I guess so! I hadn't been to IHOP in years, and knew they had gone under new ownership. But yeah, our meal took waaaayy too long, they weren't that busy, and we had problems getting refills on drinks.

Fraochán said...

Is the one in Peoria locally owned? Ickkkk I liked IHOP when I was little - but haven't for a long time. Just not my cup of tea. We actually ate there when it first Peoria...and I think it was white trash "Let's eat at IHOP Day"....hahahaha

Floyd said...

Now I don't mind chains--if they do a good job, so be it. The success a chain has in a local area benefits the workers that are getting paid.

That having been said, IHOP sucks. Gimme Perkins any time.

Fraochán said...

Floyd - I don't mind chains either. There are some - I stay clear of b/c of bad experiences. And I've had bad experiences at locally owned joints too. (Hair in food, creatures in food, bad service, etc.) We don't eat out a lot, as we try to eat good....but when we do go out to eat, we demand good service and great food. :)