Friday, May 30, 2008

Abe's Deli

This week I headed downtown with Abe's Deli in mind. Arriving downtown at about 12:50, all of the sidewalk lunch vendors were packing up.
Having never been to Abe's, I entered the Chase bank building at 124 SW Adams next to their sidewalk sign and followed printed signs throughout the building directing back to the deli.
I stepped in to the small deli where a couple of ladies were finishing their lunch and was greeted by the woman at the counter.
I checked out the menu board and decided to go with a chicken salad sandwich, and after perusing the bread choices, selected the marble rye.
Adding a can of Squirt soda, which I love to see offered, my lunch rang in at $4.75. It's hard to find a lunch for less than $5 anymore (although I did skip chips here).
I took my sandwich and soda out into the grassy area on Fulton across the street and found a bench so I could take in the sights while eating.
The chicken salad was tasty, just like Mom used to make. Heck, washing it down with a Squirt, I could have been back in the 1980s eating lunch out in the backyard with Mom after school.
All in all, a relaxing time.

Abe's features several sandwiches, salads, and loaded baked potatoes.

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