Sunday, November 30, 2008

Café Evergreen

The Metro Centre's Le Café has a new look and a new name: Café Evergreen.
We stopped by this week for lunch after I noticed they were open for business.
The walls are now a crisp white, and the half wall separating our table from the dining room had a heavy plaster texture on it that looked like rich buttercream icing you would find on your cake from Le Bakery next door.
I liked all of the various patterns on the black and white tablecloths gracing the tables.
In addition to the new look, there were three new faces running the show. The young lady who took our order was cheerful and helpful, and told me that of the three quiches that day, she recommended the ham and cheese. No enemy to a ham and cheese quiche, I ordered that. StfRon selected a roast beef sandwich with onion and a horseradish mayo, minus the green peppers that also typically come on the sandwich. His arrived at our table accompanied by some chips, on a large, thick quarter circle of bread, perhaps a ciabatta. My quiche slice was a big double serving filled with large cubes of ham and plenty of swiss cheese. I could taste the hint of nutmeg in the egg mixture, and it reminded me of ham and swiss quiche my mom used to make. There was enough there that I took half home and enjoyed it for breakfast a couple of days later.
StfRon said his sandwich was yummy, and after trying a bite, I would agree.
With our two iced teas and tax, our meal came in at just under $18.
Café Evergreen's menu features soups, several sandwiches, salads and coffee drinks.


Kassy Killey said...

Has the menu changed much or just hte decor? Are they vegetarian or vegan friendly?

Peoria Peepers said...

The menu has changed as well.
I did notice a chicken salad with grapes that looked very similar to the one I used to love there.

I did see that they had vegetarian quiche selections, but I'm not sure how many other options they have. Next time I'm in, I'll be sure to scope it out.