Friday, December 12, 2008

Changes in Peoria

Yesterday my husband noticed that Jill's On Galena is closed and that the building and land are for sale by Remax.
He also saw that Mi Rancho Grande on Pioneer Parkway is for lease.
A new restaurant, Rosie's (BBQ and Grill, I think) has moved in to the location at 2626 N. Sheridan Road.


My Flock Rocks! said...

I was surprised, but not really shocked that they closed. We had gone there for the breakfast buffet which was excellent. It was pricey, but well worth every penny.

When the bill came our waitress asked us if we had a coupon. We asked what coupon is that, and she proceeded to tell us it's a two for one. We didn't know there was a coupon in the make a long story short I thought it was odd to ask us if we had a coupon. I felt like we were probably the only stupid people in there paying full price for the meal.

The service was terrible and the waitress attached a 20% tip to our check. I can see paying 15% for a buffet but not 20% when she wasn't around to remove our old plates or fill our coffee cups.

B52 said...

I'm not surprised by Jill's. It was way out of the way (location was terrible) and it was too pricy and the service was horrible. If they had better service, lower prices and a better location, they could have made a run of it. I am baffled why they built that new building in that out-of-the-way location.