Saturday, December 20, 2008


I knew they were considering giving lunch a go, and I see that Sullivan's in Peoria Heights has posted a sign touting lunch Monday-Friday.

I hear that Peoria Heights will have another tenant in the former Penguin Tap, and it won't be Amvets Post 64.

Last night I was sad to hear that Po-Boys is closing. We heard a lot of great bands there over the years, and I had some awesome food. I loved the decor, too.
Certainly, finding a great live blues band to hear in the Peoria area will be a lot more difficult now, and I can't imagine the venue having the same kind of class.


B52 said...

I am all for local businesses giving it a go, but Po' Boys sucked. The food was generic, the atmosphere cheesy, and the service was consistently horrible. The cover charge - should you choose to stay and listen to the band - was too expensive in my opinion.
I'm truly surprised they were around as long as they were. I hope someone else will fill the void there by offering great food at reasonable prices and excellent service.

Brandon said...

I have to respectfully disagree with B52. On the one hand, I can't argue about the cover charge, and for me the service was inconsistently horrible (sometimes alright, never great), but I liked the atmosphere, the music, and the food. There are too few fun places in Peoria. My wife will be devastated.

Peoria Peepers said...

The cover charge was a bit of a downer, but not too high, and we could get in earlier for dinner and avoid it.
I agree the service was never great when we were there, but in the last year or so the food was great, and the blues could not be beat.