Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Round up

Over the past week I stopped by The Blend in Washington to pick up some locally roasted coffee for gifts.
I also got some yummy stocking stuffers from Holland's Mercantile, also in Washington.
StfRon and I caught two flicks over the holidays at Sunnyland Cinemas in Washington: Seven Pounds and Marley and Me.
Sunday we stopped for lunch at the new Tequila's in Washington. Food and service were fine, and we were surprised to have a small carafe of fresh tasting salsa dropped off at our table for our chips. The lunch specials are also available on Sundays, which was nice to see. There was also some live music being played on a synthysizer as we were leaving.
I visited the Chillicothe Tequila's location a while back.
After a movie we hit the Illinois Antique Center in downtown Peoria. They're doing a bit of remodeling, and we had a nice time browsing around.
Later that evening we stopped by Sullivan's in Peoria Heights and had a bite. I went with one of the specials: peppercorn marinated kebabs. Seriously spicy and quite good. StfRon had a mushroom swiss Angus burger and some fries. We both ended up taking home aluminum foil swans filled with leftovers that made a nice dinner Monday night.
We also enjoyed lunch at Ming's in East Peoria recently where everyone was friendly and the food selection was plentiful, as usual. I enjoyed the mushroom chicken, plenty of fruit, crisp green beans and the marshmallow fruit salad, among other things.


The Mrs. said...

We love The Blend. It is a great addition to the Community of Washington. A quaint place with tasty coffee and treats. Yum!

Karly said...

Heyyy what day did you stop by the theatre and see those movies? I may have been working. And I'm a fan of this blog :) what a small world!

Peoria Peepers said...

Friday I think we hit the 4:15 show and Sunday it was 1:30. Tim and the other gent rang up our tickets, but we did buy snacks from someone else on Friday. Popcorn for dinner!!

Karly said...

Ah, I don't think I saw you cuz I came in at 5:30 on Friday. But we were in the same building at the same time! Tim is the best manager ever though. I hope everyone else was friendly to you too!