Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holland's Homemade Caramel Corn

Last week on a trip to Lindy's Downtown Market, we spotted the new sign for Holland's Homemade Caramel Corn in the former 4A Deli spot.
My husband was thrilled, being a huge caramel corn fan. He still misses the shop in Northwoods Mall.
Monday when I got home from class I found a bag of Holland's Mix, a caramel corn/cheese corn blend on the kitchen counter, along with a sample bag of a white chocolate popcorn.
I guess I would have to say the mix was my favorite, since I like to have a piece of cheese corn and a piece of caramel corn in the same bite to get that sweet/salty combo, but the white chocolate was good, too.
The prices are pretty reasonable compared to some we've seen.
My husband said they also were selling cotton candy in the shop, located at the back of 110 S. Main Street.

December, 2009 — Holland's is now making their flavored popcorn on site.

In 2011, Holland's moved their caramel corn operation to the north side of the square.


mazr said...

Read in the PJStar online that Chef Leo's is closed but soon to be opened up is a vegetarian spot catering to lunchtime crowds.

Peoria Peepers said...

I'll have to keep an eye on that, thanks!