Friday, November 06, 2009

The Pizza Peel

My mom had been talking up The Pizza Peel in Lacon for weeks and weeks, so we made plans to meet my parents there for dinner.
The restaurant is located in an old brick building, formerly the American Legion.
The basement location adds to the atmosphere.
Inside, the building has been completely remodeled, although my husband did mention seeing some cool old battleship looking stairs near the restroom.
Our waitress was upbeat and friendly, and brought us some menus before heading off to get our drinks.
My parents decided to split a salad and a pizza, and StfRon and I just ordered a pepperoni pie.
We noticed bottles of honey on the tables, and learned that some people like to put honey on the pizza crust.
We also noticed lots of paper plates of cheesecake being served to customers, and when we asked our waitress about it, she said it was turtle cheesecake, and that the owner was sampling it to see if it should be added to the menu.
Our pizzas arrived, thin crust, ours tasty and nicely covered in pepperoni. My husband had pulled the switcheroo when ordering, from the 12-inch we discussed to a 14-inch, so we ended up taking about half of it home.
We all ended up making the sacrifice of sampling the turtle cheesecake, and it was one of the best I've had in recent times.
If you find yourself within a short drive of Lacon and are looking for a nice thin crust pizza, The Pizza Peel has your pie.

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