Monday, November 02, 2009


What first caught my eye about Relics was their blue circle logo...I absolutely loved the look of it, the turquoise with the simple name displayed in a flowing typeface. I also loved the bird silhouette on the same blue circle background on the sign I would often see in front of the store. I would glance over each time we headed in or out of Peoria to see if the open sign was displayed.
I knew I had to go in.
We stopped by the shop, 3402 N.E. Adams, Peoria, on a recent Saturday.
The quaint shop was filled with lots of great items, from stationery to fun Blue Q merchandise to vintage items, all artfully displayed.
Relics is just the kind of place to visit often because you don't want to miss out on anything that might come through there.


rabidfairy said...
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rabidfairy said...

I love this store! There is always something new each time I visit. I got a fantastic scarf last time I was there. I stop by any time I can get in to Peoria. It seems to be open more frequently now. The owners are a joy to talk to. Here is a link to the shops blog

Pammy said...

Finally had a chance to check it out today. Love it!