Monday, February 28, 2011

The Harvest Café

I first found out about The Harvest Café in Delevan via a newspaper ad. What caught my attention was that they are a farm to table restaurant.
The farm to table concept is one of using local meats and produce in restaurants. In theory this can benefit everyone. Not only would the food potentially be fresher, but the local agricultural community would reap benefits from the partnership as well.
The café's website notes "Farm fresh eggs, locally grown produce and fresh Central Illinois ingredients highlight a menu of American classics".
I decided to take my husband for breakfast at the Harvest Café this weekend.
The restored 1890s building, fronted by a large, historic-style storefront windows and graced with hardwood floors and tin ceiling, was beautiful.
On the breakfast menu was an omelette; homemade biscuits served with lamb sausage gravy; French toast made from homemade brioche topped with mascarpone; steak and a farm fresh egg; shrimp and grits; ricotta pancakes; and eggs Benedict made with a farm fresh egg and homemade Canadian bacon. Also on the menu was home made bacon.
I started with a cup of coffee, and found it to be a wonderful bold brew.
My husband ordered the French toast, which was great for me since I was torn between that and a couple of other things, and I ordered the ricotta pancakes. We both ordered bacon with our meals, and for the first time I can ever recall, we were asked if we wanted our bacon crispy. I said yes and StfRon mentioned he didn't want his as crispy.
We both enjoyed our meals and the service, and after sampling the French toast I know I would have been just as happy with that. But I do want to come back and try the eggs Benedict, a menu favorite of mine, and am curious to try the lamb sausage gravy.
The lunch and dinner selections also sound great.
The café is currently only open Wednesday-Sunday, and breakfast is served weekends only.


walk of shame said...

That sounds so good! I will have to try it out.

mazr said...

One of our family's favorite restaurants.

Sunday, our daughter had the ricotta pancakes, my wife had the mushroom omelet, which was delicious. I had the cornelius and our son had scrambled.

We've been there numerous times since it opened. I'd say the only so-so meal I've had so far was the ribeye. Just wasn't a real good cut of meat...kind of chewy. Pizzas and the burger are also tasty.

And I love the drive out and back.

Ron said...

The home made bacon was great. Much better than what your et out of a package!